Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors

The requested products can differ greatly due to a customer’s preferences and standardization practices. By delivering custom-made chain conveyors, we are able to maintain the standards and preferences of each customer. For example, by choosing the same type of chain already used by a customer, we reduce the number of spare parts required. To limit wear and tear of these expensive components, the gears are designed to have a special hardness. This leads to a wear-ratio that is favorable for the conveyor chain.

Clear communication with our customers and thorough inspections help reveal the machines’ wear and tear as well what aspects can be improved. This helps to avert unwanted downtime. We also make inspections easier, for instance by supplying inspection hatches. These allow inspections to take place while the machine is in operation without having to open it up or compromising safety.

When a chain conveyor does not fully meet the required standard, the machine generally gets replaced completely. However, this is a very costly affair. To avoid this, Ciass Ede B.V. has introduced a conversion kit to improve a chain conveyor’s crucial components without dismantling it. This costs only a fraction of a full replacement.

Below we offer you an overview of available chain conveyor options:

  • Split sprockets, with or without mounting flange
  • Return rails or intermediate bottoms
  • Liners
  • Inspection hatches
  • Flanged or gland seals
  • Flange or block bearing
  • Full recycle
  • Standard or exotic materials
  • Custom-made conveyor chain
  • Single or double backing plates
  • HOT flights
  • Made in accordance with ATEX directives

This is just a small fraction of all available options. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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